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Students at George Brown Dance program perform regularly at in-studio showcases for faculty and industry professionals, in a year-end showcase at a professional theatre, in the Toronto dance community, and at George Brown College events.

Graduation Showcases

The Graduation Showcases are performances that showcase the best productions of the year, and are the culmination of the entire dance program. They are held twice a year, in December and May, and are held at a professional theatre with public audiences and professional lighting and photography. They are an exceptional display of the talent fostered in George Brown Dance.

The George Brown Dance Ensemble

The George Brown Dance Student Ensemble provides an opportunity for students seeking extra performance experience to get more time on stage. They perform at In Haus (our December open house), high schools, community festivals and the George Brown Dance annual spring show Unleashed, as well as in George Brown College official functions.

Works from selected alumni will make up the years repertoire, and members of the ensemble are required to attend extra evening/weekend rehearsals during the school year.

Toronto Dance Community Performances

George Brown Dance students perform independently within the Toronto arts community frequently, in special events, fundraisers, or community performances.