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Potential Careers

Launch your dancing career in the entertainment capital of Canada. With more than 100 dance companies in the area, Toronto is the world’s third-largest performing arts community. Over 40,000 people are employed in this city’s vibrant arts, entertainment and recreation industry.

Our graduates are leading players on Canada’s main stages and on film and television sets across North America. Graduates of the School of Dance are working in all aspects of the arts and entertainment industry. Toronto is the heart of the country’s entertainment industry where there are approximately 75 dance productions onstage on any given month. In addition, an ever-expanding international market creates a consistent demand for fresh faces and new talent.

George Brown Dance Graduates are currently with:

Canada’s Ballet Jorgen
Artists Play Studio Theatre
York University
OIP Dance Centre
Neptune Theatre
The Garage Collective
Disney Cruise Lines
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines
The Charlottetown Festival
New Blue Dance Festival (Founders)
Valence Movement (dance theatre) (Founders)
The Canadian Stage Company (Teaching)
Musical Theatre Workshop in Monterrey, Mexico (Teaching)
The Academy of Dance, Peterborough