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Why George Brown Dance?

The School of Dance at George Brown College has earned a national reputation as a leading training ground for new talent. We train dancers to work in all aspects of the arts and entertainment industry. Our outstanding faculty and partnerships with the acclaimed Ballet Jörgen Canada allows students to learn from professionals of the very highest caliber.

Our partnership with Ballet Jörgen Canada is unique in the industry. We are the only school that allows students to gain professional experience touring as dancers (with Ballet Jörgen) while completing their dance education.

For dancers, George Brown Dance provides a professional training ground for students of ballet and modern dance. A partnership with Ballet Jörgen Canada, one of the country’s most innovative and prolific dance companies, George Brown Dance offers principal training in ballet with a strong focus on additional dance styles including modern and jazz.George Brown Dance is a partnership between Ballet Jörgen Canada and George Brown College, and as a training institution George Brown Dance reflects the identity of its two parent organizations. It is committed to ensuring student success by providing rigorous, high-quality dance training with professional standards and a broad academic focus for ambitious students seeking careers in dance.

Ballet Jörgen Canada is one of Canada’s leading dance companies critically recognized for its innovation and high standards.

George Brown College is one of Canada’s largest, most diversified and highly respected colleges turning out highly sought after graduates.

If you want to receive high quality dance training, George Brown College is the right choice for you. Our program focuses on studio time, is taught by professional faculty, and awards graduates with an Ontario College Diploma or Certificate.